Galentine’s Day Party

Galentine’s Day Party

Publish Date February 17, 2023 5 Minute Read
Author Hajar Larbah @moribyan

How to Host the Cutest Galentine’s Day Party – Kroger

Since Valentine’s Day is typically reserved for couples, we recommend putting February 13th aside for a different kind of company. Created with the purpose of honoring the friendships you share with your closest companions, Galentine’s Day is a great excuse to unwind, share laughs and indulge in heart-shaped treats with your best friends. A great way to honor this holiday is by whipping up lots of delicious foods, decorating with special décor and asking everyone to arrive dressed in their coziest pajamas for a relaxing night together. Whether you’re hosting the soiree or simply attending one, you can start your preparations with a few adorable – and delicious! – recipes that are guaranteed sweeten the mood, plus a few clever tips for throwing a stress-free celebration.

3 Recipes to Sweeten Your Galentine’s Get-Together

You might find that the fastest way to their hearts is with heart-shaped treats. Try impressing guests by filling your Galentine’s Day charcuterie board with one or more of these delicious options:

1. Heart Churros: If you thought churros were perfect as-is, wait until you make them into heart shapes! These delightful desserts are fluffy on the inside, perfectly crispy on the outside and coated in cinnamon sugar that gives them that delicious flavor we all know and love. You can even prepare the dough with your friends and let everyone create their own shapes.

2. Heart-Shaped Oreo Truffles: Considering they’re made with just 3 ingredients and don’t require any baking, these truffles might be the easiest dessert you’ll ever make, and with their decadent flavor, they might be one of the tastiest, too! Simply combine crushed Oreos and cream cheese, then, instead of rolling them into balls, use a mini heart-shaped cookie cutter to create heart-shaped truffles. For an even more festive appearance, dye the white chocolate with pink or red food coloring!

3. Cheese Danishes: Rumor has it that if you make cheese Danishes heart-shaped, they’re not just cuter, but they actually taste better, too! If you love grabbing cheese Danishes from the store, you might be surprised to find they’re easy to make at home with store-bought puff pastry – all you have to do is prepare the cheese filling, cut them into hearts and bake! Try adding some strawberries to give them a pop of red and a bit of sweetness.

3 Tips Every Host Should Know

Since it’s about celebrating friendship, throwing a Galentine’s Day party doesn’t require much, but a little bit of preparation can still keep the day running smoothly.

  • Prepare To-Go Boxes: Be ready to send friends off with leftovers! Not only does this help keep food from going to waste, but your pals will love bringing the delicious treats home to enjoy later.
  • Keep it Easy: Get your least favorite task done a day or two before the party to keep things easy on the big day, such as cooking food in advance or cleaning early. Another way to keep things simple is to throw a potluck and have guests bring their favorite dish to share.
  • Take Pictures: Set up an area where everyone can take cute and playful pictures. If possible, set out disposable or polaroid cameras so friends can take photos they can bring home, providing them with memories that’ll last a lifetime!

With sufficient planning, and maybe a little bit of help from your friends, this Galentine’s Day will be a celebration to remember for years to come. Continue your party planning with more Galentine’s Day Ideas or Galentine’s recipes.