How to Make Frozen Cocktails

How to Make Frozen Summer Cocktails

Publish Date May 17, 2023

Summer is the season for frozen cocktails. Be it a poolside Piña Colada or a daiquiri on your deck, we love sweet treats that beat the heat.

They’re ideal for summer get-togethers, since making a batch in a blender is quicker and easier than creating drinks individually with a cocktail shaker. They can even be made ahead of time. And using fresh, fruity flavors brings a seasonal delight to summer nights.

Plus, any frozen cocktail recipe can also be made as a mocktail. By substituting juice or coconut milk for spirits, you can create a delicious, summery smoothie.

Let’s break down some tips for how to make frozen cocktails at home.

Avoid Regular Sugar

Granulated sugar won’t fully blend into frozen drinks because of the low temperature. Instead, use simple syrup to sweeten your cocktails. You may not need to add much because of the fruit’s inherent sweetness.

You can easily prepare a batch of simple syrup by combining 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water then boiling over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Your batch will last 3-4 weeks if refrigerated.

Crush Your Ice

Crushed ice blends more easily than cubes and more readily creates the slushy consistency you’ll want. You can crush cubes in the blender before making your drink. You might not need much ice, so start with a smaller amount to avoid a watery cocktail – you can always add more.

How to Blend

Load your blender with the liquid at the bottom, followed by your frozen fruit and then the ice on top. Set your blender on low, then gradually step it up to high. Blending lower for a longer period will help your drink blend evenly and protect your blender from overheating.

Frozen Cocktail Recipes

Enjoy some of our favorite frozen drinks below. And for more summer food and drink inspiration, check out our blog and explore our Easy Meal Solutions page.

Frozen Cocktail Recipes

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