Tips on Eating Carbohydrates for Blood Sugar Management

Tips on Eating Carbohydrates for Blood Sugar Management

Publish Date November 25, 2022 4 Minute Read
Author Kroger Health Registered Dietitians

How do I choose a food with carbohydrates?

Choose carbohydrate foods that are nutrient dense which include more vitamins, minerals and fiber. Focus on carbohydrate options lower in added sugar, sodium, saturated and trans fat. These carbs are found in fruits, vegetables, dairy, beans, legumes and whole grains. Pick what you like; there is no need to eat foods that aren’t suited to your personal taste. You really do have a wide variety of foods to choose from!

How many carbohydrates should I eat per meal?

Nutrition labels identify how many grams of carbs are in the serving size of the food. For example, there may be 35g of carbohydrates in ½ cup of pasta, which can give you an idea of how many will contribute to your meal. If you are unfamiliar with what ½ cup of pasta looks like, feel free to use measuring cups to help. However, there is no standard recommendation for the number of carbohydrates per day and meal. The amount of daily carbs is individualized and varies based on a person’s age, height, weight, and level of activity. It’s important to learn to listen to your hunger cues, as well as how to balance carbs with other food groups. It’s beneficial to enjoy at least 3 of the 5 food groups to create a balanced meal.

Making informed food choices can be confusing, but you can find tips to help make healthy eating easier, as well as talk to your dietitian to figure out what works best for you. For a wealth of information on carbohydrate counting and other methods for managing intake, visit the American Diabetes Association’s website.

Who can I turn to for help managing my blood sugar?

While your physician is an important resource for medications associated with blood sugar management, your registered dietitian will be invaluable in helping you modify your diet for your best health outcomes. Registered dietitians will assist you with small steps to use food as medicine for improving your blood sugar. Kroger Dietitians can help you find specific products that are suitable for both your health and your preferences. Your registered dietitian can be an effective counselor, helping you modify your unique behaviors to find lasting ways to change your eating habits – all with confidentiality and no judgement! Consider scheduling a Telenutrition appointment with a Kroger Health Dietitian to start your journey toward balancing your carbohydrate intake.

Disclaimer: This information is educational only and not providing healthcare recommendations. Please see a healthcare provider.