Telenutrition 101

Telenutrition 101

Publish Date December 30, 2021 5 Minute Read

Why Telenutrition?

Telehealth has made a large and positive impact on many lives. We all have started doing more things online than we ever have before, and this is also true for our healthcare.

But did you know that within the telehealth universe there is Telenutrition? Telenutrition allows you to connect one on one with a dietitian over video chat, so you have access to personalized nutrition counseling when and where you need it.

Telenutrition Experience

Your first Telenutrition appointment can last up to 60 minutes and allows us to provide you a personalized appointment, beginning by asking a few “get to know you” questions. Based on your needs, the appointment will become more specific. Whether you’re looking for nutrition education on specific health conditions, ways to add more nutrients to your meals, or want answers to your burning nutrition questions, our Dietitians are specially trained to provide expert guidance on label reading, navigating our site and product specificity.

Telenutrition Benefits

You can access Telenutrition anywhere you have access to the Internet; it doesn’t get much better than that. You can pull up the virtual meeting via phone, computer or tablet. Our appointments are 1-on-1, helping ensure a safe, reassuring and open environment. The more open you can be during an appointment, the more personalized our nutrition guidance can be. Plus, working with a dietitian who is familiar with a grocery store is beneficial for great-tasting product recommendations!

Click here to schedule your appointment. Looking for additional nutrition inspiration? Check out more healthy tips.