Kids' Holiday Kitchen

Kids’ Holiday Kitchen: Making Tomorrow’s Memories

This holiday season, The Kroger Family of Grocery Stores partnered with curious culinary creators and YouTube foodie faves, Mythical Kitchen, to whip up some holiday magic. And we’re not just talking about any kind of magic - we also teamed up with 4 kid chefs to turn their craziest food dreams into new holiday traditions. We gave the kid chefs full rein of our holiday pantry, so they could mix and match the most out-of-this world ingredients. Then, they collaborated with the Mythical Kitchen crew to bring their concoctions to life. Finally, the kid chefs shared their new masterpieces with their taste-testing family members to see if they had enough magic to earn a spot on the holiday table. So did these kid chefs create a new holiday tradition that blends things like blue cheese, chocolate sprinkles and potatoes into a main meal? You’ll have to watch to find out.

What's Cooking in the Kids' Holiday Kitchen?

Ready for a remix on classic mac n’ cheese? This dish is sure to bring the heat with ingredients like ancho chile powder, pepper jack cheese, jalapeños and more. Plus, the green kale cheese sauce adds a whole new level of personality to a holiday staple.

Taste-test the Kid Chef Recipes

It’s time to put on your holiday apron and experience these out-of-this-world dishes for yourself. Will they become a new holiday tradition in your home? Try them all to find out.

Meet the Kid Chefs