Bridget Wojciak

Bridget Wojciak (RDN, LD) provides science-backed, convenient ways to enjoy eating on your terms, because food is too important and delicious to be a source of stress. Bridget prides herself on the ability to prepare quick and nourishing meals, all while minimizing the number of dirty dishes in the process. Outside of work, she enjoys stand-up comedy, exploring thrift stores and reminiscing about snack foods from her childhood.

Meet Bridget Wojciak

Bridget’s Background

  • Budget-friendly Meals
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Nutrition for Healthy Aging
  • Diabetes and Prediabetes care
  • Nutrition for Different Medical Needs within a Household

Bridget’s Scoop on Nutrition

Dietitian-Recommended Foods

Explore a variety of snacks, produce and more, all hand-picked by our expert dietitians to help you eat better and feel better.Shop Top Recommendations

Bridget’s Favorite Recipes

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