Father's Day Decorating Ideas

Close up of a blue paisley bow-tie

Surprise Dad by decorating the kitchen for Father’s Day!

Balloons are an easy way to spice up a room, so choose his favorite colors and put them in corners with curled ribbon. Turn his chair into a throne by securing balloons to it as well. If you wanted to skip the helium, blow up loads of balloons yourself to pool them on the kitchen floor. This way, he’ll have to wade to his breakfast!

Now it’s time to set the table. Flowers make everyone smile, so arrange a fresh, colorful bouquet. Have your little helpers set out the silverware while you get the plates and glasses.

Make bow tie place settings for Dad, using napkins. Simply gather the center of the napkin in between two fingers and use construction paper or printed cardstock strips tape to create a napkin ring. Tape the ends of your paper napkin ring to hold in place. Give every guest a unique bow tie by using different napkins for each place setting, or simply use different paper to personalize one matching set of napkins.

If there are gifts for dad, wrap them in newspaper or comics. Just make sure you use yesterday’s paper! This party plan makes Father’s day as much fun for kids as it is for dad himself.

Breakfast including eggs and bacon on a plate with coffee and orange juice on a table