DIY Soothing Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

Ice tray with aloe ice cubes

Created by: Laura Franklin, Food Fun Family

After a long day in the summer sun, your skin could use some soothing nourishment. These aloe vera ice cubes not only cool and sooth the skin, but provide instant relief from the sun.

Aloe vera gel helps skin retain moisture and aids in the prevention of peeling. Lavender essential oil helps speed the healing of sun burned skin. Combine the two and freeze for a summer-time refreshment that your skin will appreciate.


  • 1 bottle (16 oz.)of aloe vera gel
  • Lavender essential oil, optional
  • Ice cube tray


  1. Pour aloe vera gel into individual sections of an ice cube tray. You can fill the sections or leave them half full if you’d like smaller cubes.
  2. Place 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil in each section; stir gently with a popsicle stick or toothpick.
  3. Gently tap the bottom of the ice cube tray on a flat surface to compact the gel. Freeze for at least 2 hours.
  4. To use: remove an aloe vera ice cube from the tray and rub on skin for an after-sun refresher.