Mason Jar Chandeliers

Three mason jars filled with water hang from rope, inside each one is a different colored flower

Add a little drama to your garden party with simply stunning mason jar chandeliers that could not be more simple to make.

What You Need:

  • Wire baskets or a small grill grate
  • Mason jars (I used two sizes and six jars for each chandelier)
  • String
  • Twine or fishing line, for hanging


  1. Cut two long lengths of string for each mason jar to allow for the desired hanging height and adjustments. Wrap your string around the neck of each jar a couple of times and tie in a knot on one side. Tie another piece of string with a knot on the other side. Repeat for all your jars.
  2. Put the jar rings on each jar to help secure and hide the string.
  3. Hang your basket or grate at the desired height with twine or fishing line.
  4. Starting with the center, tie your jars to the basket or grate. Use differing lengths and alternate sides to keep the chandelier balanced.
  5. Stand back and take a look at your handiwork. Is the basket hanging level? Adjustments the placement of the jars until you are happy with the look.
  6. Fill your mason jars with flower steams or bulk baby's breath from the flower department of your local store. For an evening garden party, light up your chandelier with a little sand and a tea light in each jar.