Food-tivities For a Fun Fête!

Family and friends gathering around table with drinks

What's the difference between a dinner and a dinner party? A few games! Try these icebreakers at your gathering to inspire conversation and a few giggles.

Name that herb. Fill a few empty baby food jars or small bowls with various fresh herbs, or pureed fruits or vegetables. Blindfold guests and have them smell each item and guess what it is. The winner gets a prize, such as a homemade sugar scrub.

Cooking competition. Split guests into teams of 2-3 and give each team the same few ingredients. See who can come up with the most creative (and delicious!) concoction.

Veggie art. Cut open potatoes, apples and other fruits and vegetables with firm insides and provide guests with small pots of paint and napkins or aprons. Have them create patterns on the fabric for a wearable, memorable party favor.

Wine tasting. Whet guests' appetites by kicking off the party with a wine tasting. Choose locally sourced wines and gourmet Murray's cheeses, ensuring light, creamy and sweet cheeses are paired with sweet reds and tart, savory cheeses accompany crisp whites.