New Year's Eve Photo Props

DIY photo booth props like oversized mouths and hats on wooden skewers

Created by: Sharon Garofalow, Cupcakes and Cutlery

Whether you’re having a party or just hanging out with your family, these New Year’s Eve Photo Props are a great way to commemorate the new year! I set up a DIY station to make the props and keep the kids entertained until midnight. 

Things You'll Need: 

  • Paper shapes and/or numbers to embellish
  • Wooden dowels or skewers
  • Tape, glue or other adhesive
  • Decorating supplies such as glitter, stickers, yarn, etc.


  1. Decide what you want your photo props to look like. I had someone draw funny, cartoon-like mouths and different hats. If you don’t have an artist on hand, you can find free clip art online to use. I also printed out the numbers for 2017 from a word processing program. There are tons of great fonts to choose from!
  2. Set out a variety of art supplies and adhesives so that each person can embellish their photo props as they like. Letter stickers, glitter, rub-on letters and colorful yarn are inexpensive and easy to work with.
  3. When you’re done embellishing, tape a wooden dowel or skewer to the back to create the handle for the photo prop.
  4. Provide a blank or decorated wall to act as the photo backdrop. Have a camera set up on a tripod or let people use their own phones to take the photos and share on social media. The photo props will help make special memories from a fun New Year’s Eve!


  • I cut out all the shapes ahead of time and decorated a few as an example for people to get ideas from.
  • Make sure to use kid-friendly materials so that this activity is safe and can be left out for party guests to access throughout the night.