Scan, Bag, Go

Using the Kroger app, scan and bag items as you shop. Then pay on your phone and skip the lines.

How Scan, Bag, Go Works

Scan As You Shop

1. Scan As You Shop

Once you have a loyalty card, download or open the Kroger app in-store and use your phone to scan your items as you shop.*

*Location services must be enabled

Bag Your Items

2. Bag Your Items

Bag your items how you like – bring your own reusable bags or purchase reusable bags in- store.

Skip The Line!

3. Skip The Line!

Pay directly on your phone using the Kroger app wallet or at a Scan, Bag, Go lane.

Watch the How-To Video to See Scan, Bag, Go in Action

Download the Kroger App

Benefits of Scan, Bag, Go

•View your running total

•See available coupons on items you scan

•Bag items how you like them bagged