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Technology & Methodology

A few of the leading edge technologies we use every day to develop real world solutions to create great products, great services, and great customer experiences.

  • Agile methodology
  • Mobile OS design and development
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Hadoop Big Data environment
  • Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools and concepts
  • Open-Source software
  • Java
  • .Net
  • WebSphere
  • Oracle
  • Windows
  • Linux, Unix

Our Culture

  • Manager

    Kroger Technology is...more than a peer group. It’s more like a family.
    When one team needs help another team is willing to step in and engage. We all solve problems together.

    - Heather Ackels, Manager

  • Applications Analyst

    Kroger Technology offers plenty of opportunities to learn various types of technologies.
    College helped me earn the opportunity to intern with Kroger Technology, and I was able to turn that internship into a career.

    - Sam Kincart, Applications Analyst

  • Chief Information Security Officer

    Having come from a major technical company, I was a little nervous going to a “grocery store.” It was, without question, the best decision I ever made!
    The contribution you make helps millions of people every day have a safe and enjoyable experience.  I just wish I had come sooner in my career.

    - Brian Lawhorn, VP Chief Information Security Officer

  • Manager

    I have seen the mindset of bolstering the KT experience
    be a collaborative effort by taking ideas, vetting and giving choice to them to mold our own culture.

    - JD Mayo, Manager

  • Technology Architect

    Kroger Technology is a relaxed casual environment that produces first class platforms.

    - Rob Carmack, Technology Architect

  • Intern

    Kroger Technology is an open-minded, fast paced, technology environment
    that offers its associates to develop and work with cutting edge technology that directly impacts our customer’s grocery shopping experience.

    - Lauren Bennett, Intern

  • User Experience Designer

    We are a connected group of geek, maven, tech freaks who have fun doing what we do.
    Each individual is at the heart of our culture, our vision, and our success. We are customers too!

    - Lisa Alexander, User Experience Designer

  • Senior Developer

    Life at Kroger Digital is a like living at the crossroads of corporate America and a startup.
    We have the resources, funding and stability of a large company. Our goal build real solutions that are used by millions of people. We do it right, we do it fast, right now!

    - Steve Shary, Senior Developer

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