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Chris Hjelm
Executive Vice President & CIO

Kroger Technology was selected as one of Computerworld's 100 Best Places to Work in IT for 2016. Kroger Technology begins with our Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President, Chris Hjelm, who was named one of Computerworld’s Premier 100 Technology Leaders for 2016. We are proud to say our associates lead on every level and are now helping to drive our culture, not just our leadership. They are empowered to make decisions each and every day that effect business results. The average tenure of our Kroger Technology associates is 12 years. Kroger Technology is becoming an employer of choice for technology professionals. As technology advances, so does the need for the talent to support it. Kroger Technology’s vision is to become the most valued technology organization in retail. We believe that our culture will help us achieve this vision and an investment in our associates will enhance the culture. Like many companies, our associates spend much of their time and energy in their work and at the workplace. It’s important that they have an engaging workplace and an enjoyable work experience in return.

Rodney McMullen
Chairman of the Board & CEO

Culture of Innovation

At Kroger Technology, we get to solve real world problems for millions of Americans in their everyday lives. Our solutions help family and friends spend more quality time with each other both at home and in their communities. We do this with industry leading new tools like ClickList (online grocery shopping), mobile app innovations like shopping lists and store maps to assist finding products, and money saving digital coupons powered by our personalization technology and fueled by your personal household data (in partnership with 84.51) for the things you buy and are relevant to you. We are a learning culture, constantly striving to find better ways to deliver to our customers, finding new ways of utilizing and building on opensource toolsets, and hosting regular meetups on new technologies and ways of working. By leveraging Agile and being deliberate about our Digital culture, we create an environment that allows every team member to meet their full potential and we encourage creative solutions in the pursuit of game changing advances for our customers.

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