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CarboPro GMO Free Non-Sweet Neutral Flavored Pure Complex Carbohydrates

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Delivering Peak Performance

CARBO-PRO is the most efficient source of hydration and energy. It offers Power, Strength and Endurance Athletes an easy and effective way to achieve the highest levels of muscle glycogen and maintain that level before, during and after activity. It replenishes muscle glycogen and helps in reducing the use of muscle protein for fuel, sparing vital muscle tissue. It mixes easily in any fluid and its neutral (non-sweet) flavor becomes convenient for consumption with any sports drink or any fluid (water, juice, shake, etc.). Allows you to determine carbohydrate intake and concentration based on intensity and duration of activity. Perfect for carbo-loading and replenishing muscle glycogen. Helps maintain hydration with LOADING because with each gram of stored muscle glycogen, the body also has to store 2.7 grams of water.

Perfectly Balanced

Caloric Concentration & Low Osmolality

The DE is <19, so has low osmolality of 200 to 330 in even up to 15% - 20% solution in water, which is lower than body fluid osmolality (280 - 300). Provides higher caloric density, as a HYPOTONIC SOLUTION, without exceeding osmotic balance and facilitates quick absorption without causing gastric distress. Easy to RE-LOAD and CARBO-LOAD as needed.


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