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CarboPro Pure Complex Carbohydrate Dietary Supplements

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A Premium Fuel

Instantly dispersible and readily digestible, CARBO-PRO mixes easily in any sport drink, water or any fluid. the most efficient source of IMMEDIATE and SUSTAINED ENERGY from complex carbs. Easy to use during training and competition. Perfect for Power, Strength, and Endurance Athletes.

CARBO-PRO is a unique patented and clinically tested complex carbohydrate specially formulated for endurance athletes through a patented process of hydrolysis of Corn/Rice. It is a non-sweet (neutral flavor), medium to long chain glucose polymer which provides IMMEDIATE, SUSTAINED and EASILY ACCESSIBLE muscle energy (glycogen) for exercise activity

CARBO-PRO has a perfect balanced of caloric concentration and low osmolality. The dextrose equivalence of Carbo-Pro is 16, therefore it is low osmolality even up to 15% - 20% solution in water (200 to 220), lower than body fluid osmolality (280 - 300). Most sports drinks are hyperosmolar and cause water to be drawn from the body into the stomach or gut to balance the osmolality. Carbo-Pro provides higher caloric density, as a HYPOTONIC SOLUTION, without exceeding osmotic balance and facilitates quick absorption without causing gastric distress. Easy to CARBO-LOAD and RE-LOAD.

Low Osmolality & High Caloric Concentration

CARBO-PRO has low-density with free-flowing properties. Therefore, the 50 cc scoop (inside container) holds approx. 0.9 ounce (25 g) of the product. One scoop provides approx. 100 Calories. One serving size which is 2 scoops (1.8 oz/50 g) provides approx. 200 Calories

One serving (2 scoops/ 1.8 oz / 50 g) represents theoretically as much carbohydrate content as 200 g (about 1/2 lb) of cooked pasta; or as much as 430 g (about 1 lb) or potatoes.


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