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Cellucor Cor-Performance® Whey Molten Chocolate

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Setting The New Standard In Protein

COR-Performance Whey is an optimal source of protein when you''re looking to maintain lean muscle, replenish nutrients after a workout, and indulge your sweet tooth guilt-free.

Every two scoops of COR-Performance Whey is packed with 24g of fast-acting Whey protein and digestive enzymes so that you can satisfy your protein needs any time of the day.

360-Degree View of COR-Performance Whey

  • Packed with protein to help maintain and build lean muscle.
  • Dessert inspired flavors.
  • Great as a snack, meal replacement and ingredient in recipes.
  • Low carbohydrate, low fat
  • Added digestive enzymes

Low Carb/Low Fat

You need carbs and you need fat, but do you need them in your protein supplement? Whey you want the benefits of lean protein with minimal carbs and fat, COR-Performance Whey is second to none.

Guilt-Free Indulgence

COR-Performance Whey sets the bar high for protein. Cellucor''s team of flavor experts is passionate about delivering the best-tasting protein money can buy. With a full line of dessert-inspired flavors, you''ll have no problem satisfying your taste buds.

Get Creative

COR-Performance Whey is as versatile as it is delicious, making it the perfect ingredient for protein packed recipes. From pancakes and waffles, to puddings and ice cream, COR-Performance Whey lets you get creative with how you devour your protein!

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