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Dare Devil spsddpunset Dare Devil Daredevil & Punisher Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Daredevil & Punisher Salt & Pepper Shakers

This set of ceramic Daredevil and Punisher Salt and Pepper Shakers is quite the anomaly since The Punisher and Daredevil DO NOT get along. Sure, they reached a sort-of-detente considering they work through their issues on the faces of violent offenders, but one firmly murders while the other is content to deliver crippling beatdowns. Getting these two "heroes" together is nearly impossible, which is why this set of salt and pepper shakers is wholly unique and, at the drop of a hat, prepared to annul any tenuous ceasefire. These red and black salt and pepper shakers currently locked in a staredown next to the potato salad: The red Daredevil shaker is rightfully red considering Daredevil's costume. It completes the costume aesthetic with Daredevil's double-"D" logo. The top sports five spacious openings for liberal spice sprinkling, and the bottom features a refill hole secured by removable plastic stopper. The black Punisher shaker sports the spray-painted Punisher symbol reflective of Frank Castle's all-black uniform and self-applied indicia. And yep, five spacious openings on top and a refill portal on the bottom.

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