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Water Techniques Cal-Shock - 5 lbs Pail

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Cal Shock 5 lbs Pail Contains 65 available chlorine Convenient easy to use fast dissolving Economical Effective Sanitizer The available chlorine 65 is released when the product is dissolved in water and it works continually to prevent growth of algae bacteria Shock treatment Used for shocking or super chlorinating pool water to destroy organic contaminants and clear up hazy water In addition to its usage as a chlorinator sanitizer disinfectant for pools Cal Shock can also be used as a sanitizer disinfectant in a variety of other applications Sewage Waste Water Applications Kills microbial organisms in raw and treated sewage Sanitizes wells and natural springs by destroying organic contaminants Multi purpose sanitizer disinfectant for Industrial water treatment uses controls slime in cooling towers and commercial air conditioning systems thereby increasing their cooling efficiency Aquaculture Used as sanitizer in the aquaculture industry to control growth of algae bacteria in fish to sanitize fish tanks and to control growth of slime during the filleting and packaging processes Poultry Plants Used to control odors and bacterial growth in poultry plants to sanitize feeding areas Foods Shelf life of fruits vegetables can be increased if washed with sanitizing solution of calcium hypochlorite prior to packaging to prevent contamination spoilage Molds Kills Prevents growth of mold fungi Features . Cal Shock 5 lbs Pail Specifications . Dimension 6 93 x 7 73 x 7 73 in . Cube 414 09. Weight 5 93 lbs