Got-to-Have-It Chocolate Sauce

This sauce keeps well in the refrigerator for weeks (that is, if you can keep your spoon away from it).

Serves: 24Hands-on: 15 minutesTotal: 3 hours 15 minutesDifficulty: Easy

Serves: 24


  • 1 1⁄4 cups evaporated milk
  • 5 1⁄2 cups powdered sugar
  • 8 squares unsweetened chocolate
  • 1⁄2 cup butter
  • 1⁄4 tsp. almond extract


  • Combine the milk and powdered sugar in the slow cooker. Mince the chocolate; add the chocolate, butter, and almond extract to the milk mixture.
  • Cover and heat on a low setting for 3 hours, stirring once or twice to mix.