The Joy of Almonds Smoothie

If nutty candy is what satisfies your sweet tooth, this smoothie is for you. Packed with the flavors of almonds and coconut, this creamy smoothie will surely become one of your favorites!

Serves: 2Hands-on: 5 minutesTotal: 5 minutesDifficulty: Easy

Serves: 2


  • 1⁄2 cup almonds
  • 2 cups coconut milk, divided
  • 2 cups chopped coconut flesh
  • 1 medium banana, peeled


  • Combine the almonds and 1⁄2 cup of coconut milk in a blender and emulsify until most remnants of the almonds have been liquefied.
  • Add the coconut flesh, banana, and 1 cup coconut milk and blend until thoroughly combined.
  • Add remaining coconut milk while blending until desired texture is achieved.