Oven Meatball Sliders

A few quality ingredients come together quickly to make these crowd pleasing little sandwiches.

Serves: 24Prep: 15 minutesCook: 40 minutesTotal: 55 minutesDifficulty: Easy

Serves: 24


  • 2 packages (12 oz. each) Hawaiian sweet rolls, split horizontally
  • 4 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 24 prepared large Italian meatballs, thawed if frozen
  • 1 1⁄2 cups Marinara Pasta Sauce
  • 1⁄4 butter, melted
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon dried Italian herbs
  • 1⁄4 teaspoon garlic powder


  • Heat oven to 350°F.
  • Place bottom half of rolls on a lightly sprayed 11”x17” rimmed baking pan. Sprinkle bottom of the rolls with 2 cups of cheese. Place one meatball on each bun, top with marinara sauce and remaining cheese. Cover with top of rolls.
  • Mix together butter, herbs and garlic. Brush butter mixture over top of rolls. Cover pan with aluminum foil.
  • Bake 30 minutes. Uncover and bake 10-12 minutes until meatballs are hot and buns have crisped. Cut into individual sandwiches before serving.
  • Refrigerate leftovers.