How to Make Shamrock Pretzels

How to Make Shamrock Pretzels

This St. Patrick’s Day, when you’re planning a spread of green snacks, make sure you add a little luck of the Irish to your spread. The shamrock is an iconic symbol of Ireland, and these Shamrock Pretzels are an easy-to-make, no-bake St. Patrick’s Day dessert. Are they lucky? We’ve heard they are…but even if they’re just delicious, then that’s a bit of blarney your guests will be sure to love.

Whether you or your guests are craving something sweet or salty, these no-bake St. Patrick’s Day treats have the perfect combination of flavors – and a clever clover shape to boot! All you’ll need to make these creative confections is candy coating, green food coloring, pretzel twists and sticks, and a some sprinkles for a little sugary magic, of course. This recipe is so easy to follow, your little lads and lasses can join in on the fun, too!

Shamrock Pretzels

Time: 1 hour


  • 1 package (12 oz.) Kroger® Vanilla Candy Coating
  • 90 mini pretzel twists
  • 30 pretzel sticks
  • Kroger® Sprinkles, as desired
  • Kroger® Green Food Coloring


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment or wax paper; set aside. In a bowl, melt candy melts according to directions and add green food coloring, as desired. Stir to combine thoroughly.
  2. With a fork, dip 1 pretzel stick in candy melts, allowing excess to drain back into the bowl. Place on prepared pan. Dip 3 mini pretzel twists, allowing excess to drain back into the bowl. Place around one end of pretzel stick to form a shamrock shape.
  3. Add a small amount of extra candy melt over the seams where the pretzel pieces meet to secure. Sprinkle with sugar if desired. Repeat with remaining pretzels.
  4. Chill 15 minutes in refrigerator, or until set. Serve.

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How to Make Shamrock Pretzels

Shamrock Pretzels: It’s an easy, fun, no-bake St. Patrick’s Day treat.

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