Easy Air Fryer Recipes

Easy Air Fryer Recipes

Publish Date May 6, 2024 2 Minute Read

So your social media feeds are full of air fryer recipes and photos…and now you’re wondering if you’re missing out. So, is it worth the hype? Or is it just a bunch of hot air?

Well, it is hot air that makes air fryers so revolutionary. They work like miniature convection ovens, with fans that blow air around so the temperature is equalized throughout. It makes food crisp, like a deep fryer would – but without the oil, making it a healthier and less messy alternative.

Air fryers can get hot quickly and help to cook food evenly, cutting your cooking time significantly. You can roast, broil or bake in them, so they’ll rank among the most versatile appliances in your kitchen.

Air Fryer Dinner

Check out this dinner made entirely with an air fryer! Which dish do you want to try?

Air Fryer Meals

Most new owners will want to start with something savory. While a burger or chicken breast makes a quick and easy meal, we also recommend Air Fryer Parmesan Pork Chops. Seafood, including our Air Fryer Keto-friendly Shrimp recipe , also cooks up quick and crispy.

For vegetables, the first that will come to mind for an air fryer are French fries…but you can just as easily prepare any vegetable you’d roast or grill. Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts taste especially good when wrapped in bacon. The capabilities of the air fryer don’t end there. Try making air fryer dessert including cakes, cookies, brownies or our Cinnamon Apple Pies.

Air Fryer Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to help get the best use out of your air fryer:

  • Prepare foods at lower temperatures and for shorter periods of time than in traditional recipes. Because of how quickly air fryers can get hot and how efficiently they cook, they don’t require as high of temperatures and cook times. Generally, that means a setting 25°-50°F lower than for an oven, with a cook time 25-30% shorter.
  • Air fry in small batches if serving 2+ people with a standard 1.75- to 3-quart capacity.
  • Don’t overcrowd the basket. Food comes out crisper if you work in smaller batches.
  • Don’t use too much oil. (If you have fatty foods, such as burger or skin-on chicken, you might not need any oil.) Also, spraying oil on food is easier than brushing it on. Use a hand-pumped spray bottle, because aerosol spray cans can break down the non-stick surface on your fryer basket.
  • Ensure your food browns evenly by shaking the basket periodically during cooking.
  • Clean your air fryer regularly to prevent any greasy buildup.

Best Air Fryer Recipes

Now that you’re ready to get cooking, let’s start with some of our favorite air fryer meals.

Additional Inspiration

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our recipes below and explore our Easy Meal Solutions page.

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